Meet Chelsea,

The Living Room's New Executive Director!

Beloved TLR Community,


As The Living Room navigates our 10th year, we have spent a lot of time looking back on our roots as a foundation and centering on our primary mission as we focus on our future growth and continued advocacy partnership with the youth of Clackamas County.   We are pleased to follow up our announcement in the Pride edition of our newsletter with a more detailed introduction to TLR's inaugural Executive Director.  We have looked forward to this expansion for several years and are so thrilled to welcome Chelsea to our team.  They have a clear passion for our mission and have been eager to listen and learn about our organization while demonstrating their strong skills in being a dynamic and intentional leader. 


Chelsea Varnum, M.Ed. (They/She) is joining The Living Room with over 10 years experience in sexuality education, adolescent programming, and community development. They have worked with youth and young adults in a variety of local and national settings including schools, clinics, and community programs. They have specialized in capacity building for sex educators, creating queer centered education, and developing inclusive adolescent leadership programming. Chelsea received their Bachelors in Community Development from Portland State University and their Masters of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. They are excited to join The Living Room in continuing to build a community that holds up the voices, passions, and leadership of LGBTQ+ youth in Clackamas County.